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The perfect bundle for fine, straight hair. This collection will add volume and fullness and won't weigh hair down. 

  • Rosemary (detox) shampoo  8oz
  • Ginseng (moisture) conditioner  7oz
  • Sandalwood Styler  8oz


Step 1: Rosemary Detox Shampoo

Thickerhair starts with a good shampoo! Rosemary andapplecider vinegar remove dirtand buildupthatcanweigh hair down.Brushdry hair to stimulate blood flow.  Shake well.Heavily saturate hairwith water before using shampoofor best lather.  Work from your scalp out. 

Step 2: Ginseng Moisturizing Conditioner

Lightlycondition by applyinga small amount to damp hair, comb through and rinse with cool water to close cuticle.Will strengthen hair from within for less breakage!  

Step 3:  Light-weight multi-purpose Sandalwood Styler

Amp up body by applyingSandalwoodStyler from middle of hair to ends.  For extra volume, dry hair using a diffuser until your hair is 90% dry then turn off the heat - conditions while it works.

TIPS: Straight hair can have a have a tendency to become greasy and shiny.  Focus conditioner on ends of hair and let natural oils from scalp condition the rest.  Apply Sandalwood Styler to wet hair, blow dry in for a fuller, matte look. 

ANTIDOTE is safe for all skin and hair types.

Color safe. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Gluten-free.

Works well with:  Beforeblowdrying spray ANTIDOTE Goldenseal Hair Protector throughout hair, spray burdock spray into roots and blow-dry with hair upside down.   


Orders ship every monday morning (if you order monday afternoon, it will go out the following monday).

Our Guarantee

Our products are plant-based - that means that they include pieces of plants and herbs. we also use only plant-based cleansers - these foam less than the synthetic detergents found in most products.

If you are not satisfied with your antidote1848 product, just send us back your bottle and unused product for a full refund within 30 days

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