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ANTIDOTE Affiliate Program

Recent research shows that 69% of consumers are buying more beauty online than before.

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As a health and beauty professional that cares about clean beauty, we want you to benefit from this trend and invite you to join the ANTIDOTE Affiliate Program!

Why become an Affiliate?

  • Grow your business by getting credit for your client’s purchases when they shop online
  • Build loyalty by offering your clients the chance to buy when it suites them –no need to pressure them to buy right away
  • Attract new clients interested in the plant powered hair care/ clean beauty message

The ANTIDOTE program is also one of the most generous in the industry – you get a 20% commission when anyone purchases from your link in 30 days, and you can set up your client email list so that you get credit for any purchase they make.  

How does it work? 

  1. Share your unique link with your clients through email, facebook, instagram, etc…
  2. You get paid when anyone uses your link to make a purchase within 30 days
  3. ANTIDOTE handles the fulfillment and shipping for you

It’s free to join and we’ll share monthly tips that will help you get the most out of the program.   

To participate, you must be US-based and be approved by applying here.

Want to become an Affiliate? APPLY HERE or contact us at pro@antidote1848.com to learn more.